Schedules out-of design and you can creation of time periods

Schedules out-of design and you can creation of time periods


We know that birth of a child ‘s the beginning of a robust, ily: it requires multiple threats, demanding all kinds of care. Regarding the Cinta Larga situation, the new liminal months is said because what’s at issue are the fresh separation anywhere between men and you will dogs. A time dedicated to creating the latest personal becoming of child, they make the child go through natural shower curtains, massage treatments and orations, they provide it a reputation and you will “converse” always on the newborn. When it comes to food limitations, this is exactly a means of undertaking a good univocal relation, very important to identifying the child since the a person in society.

The entire process of increasing anyone comes to essentially the composition out of an enthusiastic independent and thinking-sufficient character. Up until 3 or 4 years old, the infant is an inseparable spouse of mom. Whether it already actions and you will talks having agility, the little one touches up with quick groups which imitate the fresh new adults regarding event out-of fruit, in the get away from small animals and seafood. The result is the synthesis of a white and you will somewhat disruptive gait, and that creates the brand new maturity to respond to your fact that is displeasing with the private. In general, a teens of approximately sixteen years old most useful shows which decisions. Unafraid, the fresh Cinta Larga young people seems to deal with zero limit, imposition otherwise instructions out of someone. The guy is able to ask for what he desires personally, straight to the point, with no-one is subservient or good flatterer. Over time girls and you will boys take over the job procedure one affect each sex, making preparations themselves to have societal lives.

This new browse brand of lifetime of the new Cinta Larga may even get noticed for the infancy. Since they are small, boys circumambulate all day carrying their little bows and you will arrows, typically chasing after lizards and you may butterflies. If they are old, they go with their fathers to your hunts, and also in adolescence each goes bing search through its friends, over time collaborating in the bringing animal meat on the family unit members.

After they come to seven years of age, they are published to the fresh perforation of the all the way down lip, in which they use because the decoration a little stick away from forest resin. This new girl gets in privacy within her family while in the their own first times. This new boy, into the the total amount that he is winning on google search expeditions he gets involved from inside the, together with males, and you can, in the past, as he effortlessly participated in conflict outings, continues to write his own tunes one to describe their profits. In the long run when the people marries together with his sister’s daughter, ergo passing definitively for the mature lives, which passageway try marked of the service from bringing routine merchandise (luxuriously adorned arrows) to their wife’s dad, and by his commitment to care for and you can cure his spouse well which is recited in the a beneficial discursive conversation that he features for the dad of the bride to be additionally the classificatory moms look at this web site and dads of your bride to be.

Generally conditions, the economic life of the Cinta Larga was prepared collectively about three dimensions: brand new sexual department regarding labor, new resistance between town and you may tree plus the alternation of your seasons

Regarding rainy period, products try concentrated about village; he’s distribute from the dead seasons. On the forest, predation; in the home, the production of food and visual. The latest dudes, advanced seekers; the women, cookers. Most useful told you, the separating contours, in practice, don’t be seemingly so particular, and far mediation and you can independence permeate the newest each and every day tasks. This is not unusual to see a person busting firewood in the event that discover meats as smoked toward jirau, regardless of if their spouse doesn’t have a baby when planning on taking care and attention from. Never ever, however, does a man incorporate pure cotton or make chicha, nor really does a lady simply take a bow and you may arrow so you can see.


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