Particular ob dem state dere’s an information behine they, an’ should not technology it

Particular ob dem state dere’s an information behine they, an’ should not technology it

“Sure, however some ob de culled people gits mighty skittish ef dey tries to git em to vote dare pass ‘lection go out, an’ enjoys dem from the a real range wen de ‘lection’s ober. Dese white men you are going to do a stack wid de- culled someone ef dey’d merely remove em proper.”

“Whenever the they do say there can be a secret about it, said Robert,” I just like to they may comprehend the trick before it–the trick of tough than simply wasting their money, as well as remaining on their own and you can group poorer and much more unaware than simply there is certainly people requirement for them to end up being.”

“Better, Bobby, I beliebs we might become a me ef they warn’t for dat mizzable drink. An’ Robby, We jis’ says to yer the things i desires; I desires some libe people ahead down yere an’ splain something ter dese someone. I really don’t suggest a typical page 161

However, he’d currency an’ built good meetin’ home, whar he might hole meeting, an’ hab funerals; an’ you know cullud someone try mighty higher to the funerals

politic people, but men who can larn dese someone ideas on how to bring up dere chillen, to keep all of our gals straight, an’ our very own boys away from runnin’ for the de saloons an’ gamblin’ dens.”

“Well, particular ob dem do, an’ certain ob dem does not. An’ wen dey preaches, I want dem to apply wat dey preach. Particular ob dem says dey’s entitled, but I jis’ believes laziness called particular ob dem. An’ We believes because liberty been deres particular mighty pore sticks arranged for preachers. Today dere’s John Anderson, Tom’s brudder; your ‘member Tom.”

“Really, their brudder combat great diff’rent. He battle down when you look at the de all the way down kentry wen de- combat conflict ober. He conflict great smart, an’ got an effective direct-section, an’ a good orful glib tongue. The guy set up store an’ best whisky, an’ generated a great deal ob currency. Den the guy wanted ter check out de- legislatur. Now what should he would but make-out he would had ‘ligion, an’ battle entitled in order to preach. He previously no further ‘ligion dan my personal ole dorg. Better dat jis’ put wid de- some body, an’ he got ‘lected so you’re able to de legislatur. Den he got a superb household, an’ their ole wife warn’t a good ’nuff having him. Den dere conflict an earlier college-teacher, an’ the guy began cuttin’ his attention on her. But she conflict as deep within the de- mud when he war from inside the de mire, an’ the guy jis’ gib right up his ole spouse and you find Vienne in France wife will married their, a fusty matter. He conflict an indicate ole hypocrit, an’ We would not sen’ fer him in order to bury my personal pet. Robby, I’se down on dese kine ob preachers eg a thousand bricks.”

“No; I knows dat; perhaps not because of the an effective jug complete. De las preacher we’d conflict a great an effective people. He failed to like too-much hollerin’.”

“We requirements so. His wife combat de- nicest and you may sweetest woman dat eber We performed pick. Nothing ob yer airish, stuck up men, such as for example an excellent tarrapin carryin’ eberything for the the back. She put ter hab meetins fer de mudders, an’ larn united states tips improve all of our chillen, an’ cam therefore putty so you’re able to de- chillen. We sartinly did lub dat lady.”

We’s got specific mighty an effective dudes down yere, an’ we’s pleased when deyes, an’ orful disappointed whenever dey goes ‘way

“De Conference gone dem ’bout 30 kilometers out of yere. Deys gwine in order to hab a big meetin’ ober dere next Weekend. Not ‘member dem meetins we always hab into the de- trees? We do not hab to full cover up such as for example we performed den. Nevertheless are not appearing as ef de some body had de exact same a beneficial ‘ligion we’d den. ‘Pears such people is used wid makin’ currency an’ government.”


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