Before the story, Sousuke and Kou was indeed previous household members and class mates inside junior large

Before the story, Sousuke and Kou was indeed previous household members and class mates inside junior large

• Amnesiac Partner• Competition Partners• Break Blush• Matchmaking Just what Daddy Dislikes – Mitsuba are good supernatural when you are Kou are off a family group away from exorcists.• Statement out of Safeguards• Died in your Palms Tonight – Kou kept Sousuke in his palms when he died once Tsukasa polluted his rumor.• Earliest Like – To possess Mitsuba.• Missing Very first Meeting – Kou did not remember Mitsuba initially.• Loved ones to People• Hair Contrast Duo• Carrying Hands – Albeit these include terrible in the they both.• Insult regarding Endearment – Mitsuba Calls Kou a beneficial Hella-Lame, Traffic-Safety-Earring Boy.• Such as an old Hitched Few• Like At first sight• Maybe not a night out together – Whenever Kou asks for locations commit, his loved ones guess he is to your a night out together, but he says it isn’t a night out together.• Opposites Desire• Piggyback Sweet – Kou offers Mitsuba following second injures their feet.• Second Like – To possess Kou.• Motorboat Tease• Star-Crossed Partners• One which Got Out – Sousuke so you can Kou.• Heartbreaking Bromance• Tragic Souvenir – Sousuke’s camera and photos.• Tsundere• Vitriolic Better Buds• When he Smiles• You’re Worth Heck – Kou nearly died to-be with Mitsuba permanently.


They weren’t close friends, per se, however, on account of seated in term purchase, Sousuke sat in front of Kou. It did actually get along really and you can turned nearest and dearest promptly. Sousuke ended up swinging groups, however, and later passed away in a vehicle collision whenever you are meeting to purchase potatoes having their mom’s birthday celebration curry. Sousuke reappears as the an enthusiastic apparition, although his new look differs from that of their middle school physical appearance. He roams the institution access, and reaches out to men and women he remembers inquiring whenever they think about your, regardless if the guy seems a lot more like a shape. Whenever Sousuke has reached over to Kou, Kou grabs their give and you can knocks him returning to a good locker, discussing Sousuke’s real means. Kou don’t recognize him, however, he performed know Sousuke’s middle school consistent.

Information step 1 Cannon step 1.step 1 Mitsuba step 1.2 Heck off Mirrors step 1.3 Visualize Finest

Kou after that reassures Sousuke you to definitely he’s going to remember him given that a great boy who was “assertive, girly, selfish, sarcastic, got a distressing voice, obsessed with their digital camera, went emo sometimes, and you may a great faker” and therefore he has to be themselves making family relations step one.cuatro Study Go camping step 1.5 Losses step 1.six The fresh Purple Home step 1.7 Night life step 1.8 Omen Canon

At the time, Kou had composed their mind to simply exorcise spirits you to definitely harm someone else, so he’d saved Sousuke and you may made a decision to help your rating eliminate his regrets rather. Initial, the 2 don’t go along. Sousuke always lashed impolite nicknames within Kou, their favourite being “Hella-lame-traffic-safety-earring boy” where however refer to Kou towards the multiple instances. He’d also imagine Kou is actually looking to “manage pervy what things to him,” ultimately causing Kou delivering entitled an effective pervert often. In exchange, Kou believe Sousuke is rude and ridiculous, even though he aided Sousuke gone their regrets anyway.

Initially, Sousuke refused to answer questions one to Kou had, resulting in Kou harmful your to get responses. At some point, Kou unearthed that discover an image Sousuke desired to need as he are live, thus Kou chooses to let him take one to picture. Which was whenever Kou’s pal, Yokoo comes to an end because of the to say good morning so you’re able to Kou. Yokoo observes your camera Kou is carrying and you will said it belonged to Sousuke, and you will provided specific notion into the which he had been. Which aided Kou contemplate Sousuke, and then he experienced bad for perhaps not acknowledging your to start with. Sousuke after that informs Kou “We attained out over folks whom I was thinking are my buddy, but no-one approved me. just, We remembered them.” It Related Site started to precipitation, therefore, the a couple of decided to lead to the to each other, using the stairs to the top floors. To the steps, Sousuke demonstrates that he had been bullied during the elementary to be as well “girly” or “cocky,” thus the guy made a decision to build a new persona in middle school. He was sweet to any or all, but no-one observed him. The guy was not bullied, but he didn’t make actual loved ones. As he passed away, no one seemed to observe otherwise care and attention.


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