Title: In search of Atlantis (Part 1)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/Elizabeth, Group

Title: In search of Atlantis (Part 1)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/Elizabeth, Group

Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Hurt/Morale. it is a mixed purse.Warning/Spoilers: 4×01 ‘Adrift’ 4×02 ‘Lifeline’ 4×03 ‘Reunion’ (Set, article 4×04 ‘Doppleganger’)Summary: No matter what tough they is actually, Atlantis is still forgotten instead of it is chief.Disclaimer: I do not individual Stargate Atlantis.Author’s Mention: It fic comes from John and you may Ronon’s eager want to enjoys E into order.

Teyla spotted in the doorway as for the 2nd day one month, Ronon try loading his things to exit. She would noticed your you to definitely first-time, waited away from home up to Colonel Carter had left, their unique attempts defeated by their stubbornness just before she’d stepped towards the door, shared a glance with him and you can spotted him continue loading.

“I am aware there can be a way that one can take care of which. stress, both you and Colonel Carter seem to display.” Teyla experimented with, gesturing along with her hand in an attempt to create her area check way more, relevant.

The guy moved next to their own, shorter than simply she’d envisioned and you can stared off at the their particular which have good brutal rage into the an absent people. “That’s why I’m making.”

“Most?” Ronon stalked on the window before turning easily and you may stalking back towards their particular. “John try a buddy, I know you to Teyla but Carter. she’s going to never ever exchange-”

“Zero, she will maybe not. Neither create I wish one to she you are going to. However you must know, Ronon, all of us miss Elizabeth, a few more than the others. ” she glanced within floors silently for a moment, in advance of meeting his attention once more. “. but we embark on as we all know this particular is exactly what she’d need, we all know one Age would not want Atlantis to-fall.”

“Given that I can’t stand.” He told you lightly, flipping away from their and you will flexing his turn in the latest towel regarding their bag. Teyla noticed him gently as he attained kissbrides.com sopiva linkki the rest things towards their sleep in advance of he seemed upwards within paint with the wall surface and hit when deciding to take they down.

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“Provide that it so you’re able to McKay?” he expected as he enacted they so you can their own. Teyla grabbed it that have a darkened phrase and you will stored the painting tightly within her hand.

“We will get a hold of.” She beamed and you can Ronon wouldn’t let but echo it, yet not faintly. Searching their over for a moment, he smiled down within her actually-expanding stomach after that pushed the fresh new painting out and you will taken their towards the his arms inside the a tight embrace.

She nodded against their breasts since the she tucked by herself in his accept, inhaling a perfume that had usually haunted their particular, beckoned their.

Both said they, they would each other desire have their own household, than simply enjoys Carter staying the newest throne warm

Introducing their particular regarding their hands, the guy shrugged on their coat and you may obtained his bag. Tucking his weapon with the it’s holster he understood their upper arm gently when he kept the area instead of an alternative keyword.

Carter endured towards the top of the latest staircase watching since Ronon prepared himself to depart, ensuring that everything is strapped up truthfully along with his holster was fasten safely.

Ronon looked upwards during the Colonel, smirking snidely while the she began walking down the steps into him and saw as Stargate engaged.

Ronon considered build his way from gate, whether or not curiously stopped right in front of it. Carter noticed him closely as he just stood indeed there, staring at the function opinions because if waiting for one thing. Rodney and you will Teyla had been condition a few paces at the rear of their unique and you may other gateroom got their vision trapped to your their back, even if attract is actually taken from the guy taking the slowest step possible from the gate, with the sound off pounding footsteps throughout the corridor off the gateroom.


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