What is Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is a straightforward app for iPhones and iPads. It free to download with in-app purchasing options.

Technology of the week: Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

What does Voice Recorder & Audio Editor do?

This simple app has lots of functionality, including:

  • Record for as long as you want and as many times as you want. (No restrictions as long as you have enough available storage on your device).
  • Transcribe recordings into text using speech-to-text technology
  • Quickly start and stop recording from your home screen
  • Add notes to individual recordings
  • Upload recordings to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box and more.
  • Share audio or video by Email, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat.
  • Download recordings by USB cable or WiFi Sync onto your desktop computer
    – Multiple audio formats
    – Passcode protect recordings
    – Loop recordings
    – Trim recordings
    – Change playback speed

    – Skip backwards/forwards 15 seconds
    – Favourite recordings

  • Record incoming and outgoing phone calls. To record a phone call, you must facilitate a 3-way conference call. The third “caller” is our
    recording line that will save your phone call. It is not possible to record phone calls using the built-in microphone on your iPhone.

No limit on how many recordings. No per minute fee.


Technology of the week: Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Why does it benefit Assistants?

It is excellent if you can find a simple tool that helps you record meetings or conference calls to remind yourself of actions or to help transcribe
minutes. Also, this is great if you quickly want to note a task that you have been asked to do and you don’t have your pen and paper on you.

Why is it Tech of the Week?

I love it when you have a simple tool that works; this is a simple voice recorder that will help you capture conversations, record your voice and
send voice messages to people. Well worth a look!